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Four traits of an Entrepreneurial Design Thinker

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Originally written for and published by the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council blog While the use of design and user research are not new to product development, it is being observed that “design led” organizations are outperforming traditional ones. While design is a downstream operation in the traditional model, it is a bedrock of the practice of business in “design-led” organizations. By tapping into this development, organizations and institutions have begun to introduce the ‘design mindset’ into their systems and are training their leaders to embrace the design culture. The traits and skills of a design thinker are becoming a prerequisite for emerging innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs. The quintessential traits of an entrepreneur include clarity of vision combined with grit and a keen sense of resource management. What does the design mindset bring in addition to these traits? Here are four traits that characterize a good design thinker.

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Ergonomics of the Human Mind

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The 2016 IDSA International Design Conference was held last week in Detroit. I was honored to be speaking at the event and would like to share my talk titled ‘Ergonomics of the human mind’. As designers, we not only solve problems but also make things that people desire. Much of this involves how we engage the mind along with designing for the human body & the business context. So, how do we do this? In the quest to understand and design for the human, designers study ergonomics as it relates to the physical dimension. What about the psychological and behavioral dimension? This talk is a result of my search for answers by exploring the world of cognitive psychology and behavioral economics. Tapping into the fascinating work of stalwarts in the field such as Nobel laureate Daniel Khaneman and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, here are pointers and takeaways that are relevant for designers. This is an invitation to the design community to consider the research of cognitive psychologists and behavioral economists while designing better experiences for humans. Watch this video, join the conversation, connect with me and stay tuned for further updates!

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Evolving the role of design

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For over 100,000 years, humans have been designing tools, technology and artifacts to solve problems and make a better living. Hunting, farming, housing, health, trade and every major aspect of our lives involves the use of a multitude of artifacts. Indeed, design has played a crucial role in the very evolution of the human species. It has enabled us to build cities, harness the power of nature and develop civilization as we know it today. It has been about a century since product design was established as field of study and practice. Since then, many design movements have come and gone and design is more prevalent than ever before in our lives. From sleek cars and hi-tech gadgets to lifestyle goods and Christmas gifts, there has been an explosion of designed artifacts. In today’s competitive business arena, design is seen as a differentiator, a value addition tool to businesses, brands and their product lines. Design continues to evolve. We are on the cusp of another era of design which harkens back to its roots of providing transformative solutions. This is through its foray into the design of services, business strategy, governance and beyond. In the driver’s seat of this opportunity is the need for leaders and facilitators who are experts in having a broad, holistic, empathetic approach....

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Psychology & Design

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Understanding the ergonomics of the human mind is key to developing meaningful solutions.This involves mapping how our senses engage the mind and; the influences that drive our behavior during an experience. Design Research techniques help frame this information in the context of the project, delivering insights that inform the design of emotive, viable and meaningful user experiences.

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Research led design at MGA&D

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An art auction based on emotions!

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A sneak peek into a client’s praise for Daedalus… I’ve been mentioned!

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My article got published in the IDSA quarterly Innovation!

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Checkout the 2013 Winter edition of magazine to read my article.

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Bill Gates Interviewed: Control-Alt-Delete ‘was a mistake’!

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Brilliant talk that gives an insight into the kind of person Bill Gates is.

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Product development & Brand experience

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Design awareness is at an all-time global high and the focus of design theory is shifting from ‘the interplay of form and function’ to that of the ‘experience’ offered by a brand. Further, there is all this talk of big data and game theory while people continue to be more connected through the internet and social media. What does this mean to the practice of design? How can the design process assimilate these trends and evolve to connect with the present and the future?

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