Designer & Strategist.

Vijay is a polymath whose capabilities include business strategy & product design. His expertise is in developing holistic human experiences that include the design of services, environments, artifacts & digital products. With 13 years of global experience managing projects with premier brands, corporations and design consultancies, he delivers meaningful solutions that facilitate better business while being human centered.

With a strong track record of delivering successful solutions to markets including Americas, Europe and Asia, his work spans a wide range of industries – from transportation and robotics to healthcare – and a broad range of clients – from Fortune 500 brands to tech start-up’s. Having been part of multiple cross functional teams he is adept at being a networker and a facilitator of collaboration.

As the elected chair of the NYC chapter of one of the largest and oldest professional design organizations, the Industrial Designers Society of America, he serves members, businesses and institutions in New York City area. His passion for thought leadership drives him to keep abreast of evolving design and management trends. With award winning design work and strong managerial record, Vijay brings to the table a blend of results oriented approach and creativity.